All About Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug test is considered as the most common and most probably the oldest methods of drug testing. Generally, it is the most inexpensive as well as the quickest methods used for the purpose of screening done for drug use.

Urine drug tests include a high level of convenience since there are a number of stores that sell drug tests.

The most common benefits of urine drug testing are that these tests are minimally invasive as well as safe. Results are often generated within a time period of 24-48 hours which is why this test is appreciated by a lot of people. and many employers appreciate the quick turnaround time.

Drug Testing Cups

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Further, there are a dozen of testing labs in almost every city. Also, the testing centers are quite near to the specific company. All the prospective employee needs to do is sign in a few releases and then urinate in a urine cup.

In most of the cases, the employee is allowed to partially close the restroom door so as to maintain some level of privacy. Since there are many urine tests which can detect the masking agents, therefore the need of urinating in full company is eliminated in a virtual manner.

Urine Drug Testing Cups

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The entire process usually takes a time period of approximately 20 minutes and after that the employers can expect to have the results within a few hours.

Although the urine drug tests are considered to be the most common of the pre-employment drug screenings, there are many creative scientists who have led to the invention of certain important tools which can beat these tests.

Some serious cases have even been reported in which people were found buying urine from a “clean” associate and then making use of the clean urine in their own drug test. The clean urine is normally made to store in a thin plastic bag.