Do’s and Don’ts after Hair Transplant

There is no doubt that hair transplant surgery is among the most trustworthy and result-oriented remedy for hair loss.

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Let us take a look at a few to matters you shouldn’t do or prevent, after obtaining a hair transplant.

1. Try not to expose your own scalp to direct sun (because it includes damaging UV rays too ) after the process and after a day or two, especially if the treated area is still bloated. If heading outside in daylight is very necessary, then put on a cap or protective equipment.

2. Try not to touch or scrape the newly scalp. A little itching, tingling and some swelling are typical symptoms. Scratching or rubbing the tender scalp can result in the new grafts drop out until they get a chance to develop.

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3. Do your best not to drink liquor or any kind of alcohol to the first 1 month following the procedure because it impacts the blood flow to the head. Attempt to quit drinking alcoholic products.

4.Drink enough water. As we all know our body consist of 70% of water. Dehydration is one of the significant causes of several dangerous health problems.

New studies have also been suggesting that alcohol can also be one of the significant reasons for hair loss in people. Thus, it’s far better to take precaution and prevent alcohol, rather than losing hair fully.

A Hair transplant is among the very best remedies that may get hair back in your own bald head. So, do your best to take appropriate care of your scalp following the operation.Click here to learn more about hair transplant.