What Are The Different Types Of Massage Therapies?

When it comes to alleviate body pain and get permanent relief from chronic pain, the effectiveness of conventional medical treatment is very limited. Drugs can only provide you the temporary relief.

The best alternative to deal with this is the body massage. Body massage therapy involves the manipulation of the body muscles, joints, tissue and specific parts of the body. Massage therapies have been in use for centuries. There is no one standard massage therapy.

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Different type of massage therapies is used all across the globe. The most popular and commonly used massage therapies are Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Hijama cupping therapy, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage and Sports massage.

It is not easy to articulate all the massage therapies in the World in one article. Today, we will look at the few of the most popular massage therapies in the world:

Swedish massage

This is the most gentle and comfortable massage therapy. It is not focused on getting relief from the severe pain but intended for the relaxation purpose. It involves smoothing strokes, circular movements, and gentle stretch of muscles. The main objective of the message is to provide relief from stress.    

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Hot stone massage

This is the very attractive and soothing way of relaxing stiffened area of the body. In hot stone massage therapy, stones are placed at the certain points of your body to get relaxation response from the body. Full body massage Sheffield centers offer the wide range of massage therapies. You can visit any of them for full body massage session.  

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Hijama cupping therapy      

This is the complete opposite to the Swedish massage in the term of procedure and purpose. It involves the use of the cups to improve the blood circulation in the body. Cups are used to create the vacuum and expand the blood vessel for the fresh supply of blood to the affected area. This therapy is not at all comfortable but offers a lot of benefits.

This is the brief view of the few massage therapies. You can also click here for the detailed information on massage therapies.