What Do You Need To Do For Receding Gums?

It is a well-known fact that oral hygiene is of great importance. If you are not paying attention to your gum health then you are inviting severe diseases. It is advisable to give a regular visit to the dentist. This helps in maintaining your oral health and early detection of severe teeth and gum problems.

If you are struggling with gum diseases and looking for professionals for treatment then you can search online resources for dentists in Manhasset NY. Nowadays the gum recession is the most prevalent problem among people. Due to negligence to oral hygiene people are becoming victims of receding gums issue.

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In this problem, gum recedes away from the tooth line and expose the roots of teeth or expose most of the teeth. This issue can even result in loss of teeth.

If you are suffering from this issue then you should consult with your dentist. Pinhole gum grafting is the most preferred treatment for gum recession. You can find professional dentists in North Shore for treatment of gum recession.

manhassetdentalarts - dentists in Manhasset

Following steps describe well about the pinhole gum grafting technique:

  • In this procedure, tiny holes are made in the existing gum tissues then an instrument is inserted through these holes to loosen the gum tissues.
  • After this gum tissues are repositioned to its original tooth line. Then platelet-rich fibrin is used to heal and regenerate soft gum tissues.

So this procedure does not involve any sutures and it is less painful as compared to traditional gum recession treatment. Find out more information about pinhole gum grafting.

manhassetdentalarts - dentists in Manhasset

There are certain measures that you should take in order to deal with gum recession:

  1. To ensure perfect oral hygiene you should visit your dentist regularly.
  2. Brush your teeth with a soft brush. As a hard brush can harm your gums badly.
  3. It is advisable to brush and floss your teeth daily in order to prevent germs growth.