What Is Eating Disorder Relapse And How To Help Your Loved Ones Get Through It?

Eating disorder problem is rising really high in number and it is a very serious matter. Eating disorder problem is associated to the metal depression, anxiety and the emotional ups and downs.

As per the survey and deep study and research done by health experts, eating disorder is curable, it is all mental and this can be treated, but not without the will a patient need to show up with.

It all depends on the patient, he or she need to understand that they need help, then only the therapy will work.

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Since the number is rapidly increasing, due to which Government in every state all around the world, especially in US is working really hard, due to which eating disorder clinic and medical centers are being opened to help such people in letting them reach out easily.

This heart-wrenching state is predominantly concerning because the more impetus an eating disorder picks up and the extended it goes unnoticed, the more difficult it can be to confront and treat.

When deterioration (relapse) happens and eating disorder symptoms deteriorate, there can be numerous concerns: cognitive, emotional, social, financial and physical/medical.

A person’s hope and inspiration to recover may reduce; disavowal that recovery is possible can set in.

For these reasons, it is crucial to acquire knowledge about overeating disorder issue in detail to help your loved ones maintain gains made in recovery. One important way to do that is to work to prevent or minimize relapse.

Some other reasons that might make an individual more susceptible to relapse include the following:  

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  • Losing weight quickly upon discharge.
  • Poor body structure and shape.
  • Slower response to treatment interventions
  • A strong link between body image and self-esteem, or feeling that one’s self-worth is tied to appearance.
  • Low motivation to recover during and after treatment
  • Poor social relationships.
  • Greater eating disorder thoughts and behaviors at time of discharge.

Things are in your own hands, our family members and friends can help in getting rightful treatment and support, but it is you who need to come out of your tensions and depressions and look ahead of your life.

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